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Free creation of website for any organization in our directory. The modern Internet has changed a lot. Just a few years ago, it was important to make complex sites with all sorts of directories, galleries, photo, staff, guest books, etc. Now many people understand that the person (potential client), first of all you need a quick contact with the representative for his organization. It is enough to ask a few questions to clarify something or to ask for directions. The modern user does not like to spend the time to understand how the structure of a complex site, a mosaic of banners and colorful menu.

Good website easy

Our websites are adapted and optimized for mobile devices - that is not unimportant in the modern world. Images on websites are clickable. See the examples below.

Complex site is confusing

What is required to create site: All this information should be directed to administrator by e-mail. Within 5 days the website will be ready. To edit the information on your own or ask admin and he will do it.

The website will have the address of the xxxxx.en.i059.ru, instead of xxxxx any proposed text. For example: taxi.en.i059.ru.
You can use any of their domain name.

Materials for creating a website to send Email:
Contact site Administrator
Examples of sites:

As practice shows, many people want a free website, but they have no time to come up with text for it. In addition to the text still needs to find suitable pictures. Against above background, especially for lazy or very busy we have compiled a number of additional services.

Additional, optional services
A second-level domain for the site
for example vasya.ru
$ 10/year
Writing unique text on any
topic for your site
$ 3/per 1000 characters
Selection of themed icons for the site,
including cropping and optimization
$ 3/20 PCs.
The preparing the cover picture
processing in Photoshop - lettering, logo, filters
$ 3

Methods of payment additional services: